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Love in a Box Outreach

Love in a Box started in March 2019 initially as a support line for refugees and asylum seekers with provision of clothes, toys for children, and limited food assistance. Parallel to this was the provision of hot cooked meals and drinks for people suffering from homelessness.

With the advent of the Covid 19 pandemic lock down in March 2020, our operations were scaled up significantly to meet the needs of our community.

We are now a fully operational foodbank and outreach with dedicated volunteers who without their  assistant none of this would’ve been possible. 





Key activities include:

      Preparation, packing and distribution of 65-70 hot meals as well as ‘snack packs’ every Saturday in Leeds City Centre for homeless people. 

       Collection and management of a range of food and clothing donations.

        Opening of the food and clothing bank every week to provide food parcels to the local residents. We are currently supporting 80 households.

Our mission:

We strongly believe in the importance of understanding the needs of the people and communities we serve in a comprehensive way. The stories shared with us have continued to be a powerful motivator for our action. It helps us to tailor our services, plan and work towards sustainable packages of responses, while recognising the need for crisis relief. In this way, we hope to strengthen and add value to the city’s approach to addressing food insecurity.


We help everyone who contacts us and is in need, including both individuals and families.

By giving families in need emergency food, basic toiletries, and household items, we hope to assist those in Leeds who are struggling financially. 


Comments of people passing by our outreach.

‘’Me and little went to go sit outside trinity coz Stacey was taking the full blown piss as usual. We sat down and started talking to a homeless guy. We was telling me he had only become homeless in past few month because of price rise in rent, gas and electric. Got to the point where it was a choice of eating or heating which is so sad.

I asked him what was going on and he told me these people pull up on a night and feed the homeless off their own back and all they all que up for a feed. Mental how the greed of the elite profit from the increase in everything whilst the lower end have to help each other.
Praise to these people who take time out to do stuff like this and profit from nothing. The homeless guy just wanted someone to stop and chat and even gave esme a packet of sweets he had because he said they were too sour for him. Don’t worry I didn’t get a selfie with him for likes. But these guys definitely deserve a pat on the back Love in a Box Outreach’’

 Paul Young